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DAKAR 2010

SPITA ResQ-tape in Dakar rally 2010

The two Honda drivers Tonny Crabs borg (# 95) and Aloys Ressing (# 91) have a super performance put down. Especially the last days of the rally are almost impossible for both been tough.

After hit over the head by a large rock Aloys, revealed his petrol tank los torn. Fortunately that happened in one place, right before the heavy dunes, where the 917 was our team.
Ewout has made him a role SPITAL ResQ-tape handed. Aloys thought wasn't going to work because everything under the petrol sat. But can there against and SPITAL ResQ-tape attaches itself to itself. The tank was soon almost impervious. After we have voiced him courage he began again to the climb of the dunes.

What he doesn't know is that the stage is going to be that much worse. Tonny: it was a horror, a torture swing. I stood with my motor quiet with a busted engine block. Aloys has me more than 180 kilometers dragged until his engine block it went too! The last kilometers we have pulled the motors on the finish line. We were really keikapot!

But we are there, we have not received the gift. It is a colorful buddy and has already proven several times. Whether it comes to closing a hose, a leaky exhaust or the safe isolation of electrical wiring, these measures runs his hand not there!!

WHO IS THIS BUDDY?                                            

SPITA ResQ-tape

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